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Hannah Carvell

Red and Pink Happy Flower | Black :)

Red and Pink Happy Flower | Black :)

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Limited Edition Red and Pink Flower Face screen print, only 20 of these printed each with a Smiley Face printed in Black Ink. These started as I played around with a different print last year, I printed a few for fun but I had so many messages asking for them I have made a proper edition. Each print is printed by hand and every colour used is a separate layer and screen, the inks are mixed and diluted to overlap and create depth and colours within the piece. 

A small edition of only 20 prints available.

Artist signed and numbered

Printed on G.F Smith 330gsm White paper | aprox 22cm x 22cm

  • please be aware colours may vary slightly online, each print is hand printed, lined up by eye and not a digital print, please expect minor imperfections, no two are identical which is part of the charm of buying and original piece of art.
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