Big Mama Worm | 1


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Big Mama Worm and her many babies. I don’t know why I started printing these, but I have enjoyed it immensely and they have evolved, the sketch started as just mama and 5 babies, but the overlapping colours became a thing so each of these prints is different 1/1 it’s felt like worm therapy for me :)

Printing these I had always imagined them being cropped with a mount, so slight imperfections at the edges won’t show (some have tears from the masking tape or an uneven edge to the many many worms) I have shown with a mount I have here on the pics but it’s not the perfect size so only one edge.

Framing is Available on these, choose from the Large Square Frame options. (I would totally go Spacer Frame & a different Neon on each side) and we will mount to fit the print.

Paper Size: 45cm x 45cm | G.F Smith Recycled Paper