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These guys are are the peonies of the Hearts and Flowers range, so many frills and so many colours.

What started out as a Test Sheet, rather than adding only six hearts I just kept layering, and when I put it up for sale, it went fast, and I had so many messages asking me for more, so here they are!

These are Large size (aprox 50cm x 50cm) and are made up of multiple layers of ink. Each one is a 1/1 original, no two are the same and because they are layered so many times they will have small print errors within them, maybe a smudge or scratch but in my opinion thats what makes up a hand printed original piece rather than a machine printed computerised print, even the hearts I use for my screens are hand cut by me.

Printed on to G.F Smith Smooth White Paper 330gsm

Each Print 1/1 and signed

50cm x 50cm