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Inspired by a Vase I fell in Love with, a bit like the China Dogs I liked giving the two prawns different personalities when I sketched them out, so one is smiling and one is in a grump. I started sketching over Summer so picked a Hydrangea Head from my garden. What started as a simple idea and print turned into lots more layers of print than first imagined, hand sketched "positives' meant keeping going back to the drawing board and re-developing screens and printing layer after layer to give the flowers some depth.

There are a few variations on the Prawn vase, colours and layers varied on each, some have hand sketched finishes to the print, they are small editions, most 10 or less in each edition and IF I re-print these, they will be different again, So if you like one of these, don't wait too long as when they are gone they will be gone.